Aldi Ireland engaged with Trendence in order to obtain detailed information about the Irish graduate market. Over the past two years Trendence has provided us with invaluable information which has aided in the development of our graduate attraction campaign. In addition to this we have also been able to create a more structured and strategic on campus presence through the use of the efficiency matrix. As a result the Trendence information has been a key strategic tool which is used to attract top graduate talent.

The data that comes from trendence has allowed us to look at our audience in detail and tailor our approach to ensure we are maximising our impact in the sector whilst focusing on what’s important to this population. It provides an invaluable snapshot of the market and the ability to customise means we can build on what we know and go into more detail on areas were we haven’t explored before.

We have been working with trendence for many years, which allows us to understand our image on the graduate market in the UK. The trendence barometer study provides us with the best scientific method for measuring the effectiveness of our campaigns and marketing activities.

Trendence research has been invaluable to helping us formulate our recruitment strategy, and creating business cases. Using the data provided has helped us make key marketing decisions, including formulating our key messages in our graduate campaign, and advertising decisions. The research allows us to better understand our target audience, general trend in the graduate and schools market and meet our diversity targets. I have been particularly impressed by the consultancy service offered by Trendence. The team are happy to respond to requests to present the data in a way that would be most useful for our needs and to present data to key stakeholders in the business.

The UK trendence Graduate Barometer has enabled Rolls-Royce to continue attracting high calibre engineering graduates. The research based consulting approach trendence uses has shown us exactly what motivates our target graduates and has allowed us to really understand why UK students choose us as a top employer.

Trendence continues to deliver a critical insight into the minds and motivations of the Nations graduates. To keep competitive we must know how we are doing compared to other top employment brands and each year our reports tell us just that – thank you trendence!