About Trendence

Trendence is a student-focused market research firm in the UK and Ireland. For the last ten years our team of MRS-qualified researchers has been helping employers, universities, professional bodies and other organisations across all career sectors to develop their brands and build early talent recruitment campaigns.

Our Graduate Study is the biggest of its kind, with 71,713 students and graduates from 140 UK universities participating in the 2019/20 survey. Our Schools Study engages almost 20,000 school students on their career aspirations as well as the employers and universities that appeal to them most, while the Irish Study gives us insight into the Irish market. With unrivalled access to such a large pool of students and graduates, we can also help you commission a bespoke research project to address the specific challenge your organisation is facing. The possibilities are endless.

Providing insights to employers by:

Examining the UK market

Interested in how students and graduates nationally perceive your brand? Look no further! We are focused on the UK market, engaging with students across all leading universities and schools in the country. Our connections with employers and education providers mean we apply market expertise when interpreting your data, as well as providing insight into your performance region by region.

Young students sat on steps

Informing social diversity strategies

Multi-ethnicity workplace

Out of the 75,000 responses we gather from university students each year, 40,000 of them come from non-Russell Group institutions. Similarly, we engage every possible school type in our schools research – gathering responses from state, private and grammar schools, as well as academies. This allows for an exceptionally diverse and representative sample, so we can meaningfully inform your diversity and inclusion strategy. In addition to the commonly reviewed dimensions of diversity such as gender, ethnicity and social profile, we look at sexual orientation, disability and much more.

Identifying how to engage early talent

With over ten years of experience in researching career aspirations and decision-making of young people, our in-house experts can advise on all aspects of early talent recruitment. We engage students throughout their education journey, starting from year 7 all the way through to graduation. We therefore have detailed insight on how to best communicate with each year group and what programmes are most appealing – ensuring your messaging is on point for the audience you’re looking to attract.

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Refining university campaigns

UK universities

Have you considered which universities provide the best return on investment, both in terms of attracting the desired candidates and fulfilling your diversity and inclusion criteria? In addition to helping you understand your performance with target universities, we will also provide relevant data on demographics and engagement for all UK institutions, so that you can refine and develop your existing list. This will allow you to build your brand strategically campus by campus, focusing on universities that provide the best returns.