Bespoke research

If you're interested in commissioning a unique research project, Trendence can help. The expertise of our MRS-qualified researchers, combined with the pool of students available for us to survey, means we can deliver insights on a particular student group or focus on answering your specific questions.

Access to the biggest pool of students in the UK

Our unrivalled database of one million university and school students across all UK regions and year groups means we can deliver snap surveys that gather thousands of responses on any topic.

Quantitative and qualitative research methods

In addition to the surveys, our researchers are also qualified and experienced in running bespoke focus groups and interviews with students. This approach works well in following up on key findings from the survey to gain further insight on specific topics and with selected student groups. Highlighting key themes and providing direct quotes from students helps to bring the story to life.

End-to-end delivery of ad-hoc research projects

We will build your very own customised research project, from designing a questionnaire to survey programming and hosting, running the fieldwork, doing analysis and producing the final report. We will kick off every project with a consultation session, followed by regular contact with our researchers and analysts, and a face-to-face delivery of the results to the key stakeholders in your organisation.