Brands and education providers use our research to better understand students and graduates in the process of making the choices about their future. At Trendence, we understand your target audience and their interests. We can therefore help you assess your brand, test your current offering and create an early careers campaign tailored directly to your desired candidates.

Whether it’s providing insight from our longitudinal studies or helping you commission your own bespoke project, we can facilitate invaluable feedback directly from young people.

The Trendence Annual Graduate Study is the biggest national study of students’ career aspirations and the effectiveness of employer brands.

The 2019/20 survey collected a total of 71,713 responses from UK university students and graduates, from first years through to finalists, with 140 UK universities participating. The study provides insight into a variety of research areas.

The Trendence Annual Schools Study is the biggest national study of school students’ career aspirations and their perceptions of employer brands. The 2018/19 survey collected responses from 19,102 students, from year 7 through to year 13 at over 2,000 schools across all regions. The Schools Study has a particular focus on when and why students make career decisions such as whether to go to university or choose a work-based route.

The Trendence Annual Irish Study is the biggest study of students’ career aspirations and the effectiveness of employer brands in Ireland. The 2019/20 survey collected 15,014 responses from university students and graduates from every university and college in Ireland.

If you're interested in commissioning a unique research project, Trendence can help. The expertise of our MRS-qualified researchers, combined with the pool of students available for us to survey, means we can deliver insights on a particular student group or focus on answering your specific questions.